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Information about The Pupil Premium

The Government allocates a Pupil Premium, in addition to annual school funding, to help balance out underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and other children by making sure that funding reaches the pupils who need it most.


The Pupil Premium for 2018/19 is £1320 per pupil eligible for FSM. There is also a Premium for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces, which is £300 per pupil. 


By the end of the financial year Harnham C. of E. Junior School should have received a total of £78,720 for 2018/19.


The Government says that each School must decide for itself how the Pupil Premium should be spent because they know what additional assistance should be provided for individual children in care and responsibility.  Each School is held to account to show how it has allocated the Premium, and what effects it has had – sometimes allocation is made to the benefit of specific children, whilst at others it is made to promote the ethos and environment of the school – to the benefit of all.


We consider that enabling children who are faced with difficulties in successfully accessing education to achieve their potential, enhances the entire educational environment with benefits to all the children at the school

Click here for a copy of our pupil premium cost & impact report.

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