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In September 2014 assessment without levels was introduced for Years 3, 4 and 5. Last year’s Year 6 were assessed using the familiar levels system. In September 2015 levels were removed for all year groups.


We spent much time last year looking at different systems to track progress and decided that we would not rush into anything. We have worked with the Wiltshire Assessment team and have decided to use the Wiltshire Tracker as a form of tracking progress throughout the school.


We will continue to assess children 3 times a year to monitor their progress and use our analysis of these assessments to support our planning. We will also ensure that we use on-going assessment in the classroom, addressing misconceptions and ensuring children make progress. We aim to ensure children are continually challenged at an appropriate level to them. Children will be encouraged to use success criteria so that they know what is expected of them and can self assess their learning. By allowing children time to respond to marking feedback, we will ensure that all children are part of the learning process.


Assessment without levels

By using assessment sheets looking at the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), we are able to make a judgement on each child’s performance and track progress.

At the end of the academic year, when all KPI/objectives have been covered, the children will either be working at:

Below the expected standard (less than    % of the criteria met)

Developing the expected standard (between  % and  % of the criteria met)

Secure in the expected standard  (between  % and  % of the criteria met)

Exceeding the expected standard  (above  % of the criteria met)


The expectations are that children will be secure in their year group expectations by the end of each year.

We have assessed our children based on the 2014 curriculum and are now working to ensure our children are working securely with the new age expectations – a challenging task for all.


Changes to End of Key Stage 2 Assessments (SATs)

Maths –          Paper 1 arithmetic (30 minutes)

                        Paper 2 Reasoning (40 minutes)

                        Paper 3 Reasoning (40 minutes)

English -         Comprehension

                        Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

                        Writing continues to be teacher assessed.

Results of these tests will be reported as a scaled score, with 100 representing the expected standard.


Reporting to parents

We will continue to meet with parents three times a year during parent consultation meetings to discuss your child’s progress and their attitudes to learning.

A written report and a list objectives covered will also be sent home in Term 4, this will also include a judgement for the objectives taught. At the end of the academic year, a report will be sent home explaining how your child has performed in relation to the age group expectations.

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