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School Links and Pastoral Matters

Keeping in touch

Newsletters are sent home electronically each week to give you news of events in school and information about future occasions. If you really cannot receive information electronically, a paper copy can be requested.

We arrange parents’ evenings in each traditional term (three times a year) at which you can discuss your own child's educational development. In the Autumn term (Term 1) the evening takes the form of an introductory meeting concentrating on how well your child has settled into the School, and/or their new class.

The annual report on your child's progress is prepared and sent home in the Spring Term, and is followed by individual consultations with the focus on your child’s progress. In the Summer term there is another consultation evening to review progress since the previous year, and on-going targets.

Three times a year we hold a general meeting, this is to discuss specific topics and introduce the curriculum for each of the year groups. Again, there is an opportunity to talk individually with the class teacher about individual issues.

The results for optional SATs for all year groups, and End of Key Stage Tests for Year 6, pupils are sent out in the Summer Term. The Optional SATs are optional to us as a School, not optional to individual children.

You are welcome to come and discuss specific problems or anxieties with the Class Teacher or the Headteacher. A phone call or note to make an appointment is appreciated as it will avoid disruption to the teaching day and may save a wasted journey. We ask that parents do not ask to meet Teachers after School on Mondays (unless there is a particularly urgent reason) as this is the time set aside for Staff Meetings.  In any case, whilst the school is open, there will always be someone who can help in an emergency. We will also contact you if we have any concerns and feel that further communication would be helpful.

There are also occasional general parents' evenings at which we deal with specific areas of the curriculum developments in the education system. 
This kind of meeting is run either by outside speakers or by members of staff and there are opportunities for discussion and sometimes practical involvement, depending on the nature of the subject.

Throughout the year there are opportunities for parents to come and support their children e.g. at productions, concerts, sports events and our very popular Open Afternoons.



Please talk to us! We will Listen.

As you should be able to tell from the one of this pack, we really do want for you to communicate with us. To help with this children are collected from the Playground at the beginning of the School Day, and returned there at the end of the day. The Staff is, therefore, collected on the Playground.

If you would like to talk quickly about anything to do with your child, these times are good. If you would like to talk for a while, it is best to make an appointment, otherwise the rest of the class is kept waiting, and not learning.

If you would like to write to you child’s teacher, or me, please do so – either using paper etc, or using the email addresses above.

Also above, is the telephone number – and I am available to talk, or will arrange for your child’s Teacher to phone you when convenient.

Please Listen to us! We will let you know.

We put letters and homework on the School website – and, if the letter is really important, send a text to warn you that you have been sent a email.

Please make sure that we have your correct contact details, especially when you update  your mobile phone. We know that this is easy to forget, but it is vital in the unlikely event of an emergency.

If the School has to close for any reason, we put a message on our website, will send a text message if it is an unplanned closure, and, if there is a closure because of snowy conditions, will put a message out on Spire FM and BBC Radio Wiltshire.

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